Developer Checklist — JavaScript Appendices

Correct code

JS_G_A2: Functionality that can't be made accessible must have a long description that provides the same information

This example shows a map on which a route between two locations is illustrated. Since the information is purely visual, it must be supplemented with a long description that provides the same information. In this case, the map is followed by a full text description of the route.

Live Demo

Directions from Sydney Road, Brunswick, to Smith Street, Collingwood

  1. Head south on Sydney Road (State Route 55) toward Merri Street, for 550 metres
  2. Turn left onto Brunswick Road (State Route 38), then proceed for 1.6 kilometres
  3. Turn right onto Nicholson Street, then proceed for 1.5 kilometres
  4. Turn left onto Alexandra Parade (State Route 46) and continue to follow it for 850 metres
  5. Turn right onto Smith Street and you've reached your destination

JavaScript Code

There is no JavaScript code for this example.